Hi! Welcome to Leslie Grace Photography & Films! We are Leslie and Grace, a mother and daughter duo, and we're so glad you're here! We started doing photography and films in 2017. We love the joy and memories that they bring, and aim to bring you the best experience, photos, and films... 

Leslie: "There are many pictures I’ve cherished throughout the years, but I find the photos of my sweet mama are dearest to my heart these days. In 2010, she passed away from Glioblastoma brain cancer after a year and a half battle. She was my best friend, biggest cheerleader, and a true gift from the Lord.  As I see her pictures, I am reminded of her unconditional love, zest for life, and genuine faith in the Lord. She lived life well and left a legacy behind. I am who I am because of her. I'm thankful she helped me to be the best wife, mother, friend, and follower of Jesus that I could be.  As the old saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words', and her pictures flood my mind with a wellspring of sweet memories."

Being a photographer and videographer is so much more than a job to us- it's about capturing memories that last for generations to come.


Tennessee, Florida, and beyond!